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The GFT Site uses a combination of written &
visual information.

Visual information is highly effective and is used for its ability to clearly and accurately convey information.

A Blue box such as this one is used to highlight Key Information.


-If: “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Then consider how many a Video is worth?

This website relies heavily on the “Watch & Learn” concept.

There really is no better way to learn than to see it being done “First Hand”.

The Videos:

Viewing Options:

Full front view zoom function

Fig.1. Full front view.  This is the primary view used in the GFT Course.

The camera clearly shows what both hands are doing using the optimal viewing angle.

A Black background is used to eliminate any distractions.   Attention is focused on what the hands are doing.

Use the extended functionality controls to Zoom In!  Use your curser to position the Zoom.

Click the video to switch the Zoom Off..

Youtube Video Resolution

Fig.2. The default Video resolution is 380p.
This will accommodate slower internet connections without compromising video quality.

To increase the resolution (or decrease it if you have a slow internet connection) click on the little thing that looks like a gear (beside the Youtube Logo). 

Fig.3. Point Of View camera angle (First Person).  See my guitar as if you are playing it.

170 deg. Wide Angle High Definition covers both hands.
Click on the POV Video (if available) to view it.


All the tricks and secrets are revealed in Full HD video

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The Fretboard Diagrams:

-Fretboard diagrams show all the information necessary to place your fingers (of feting hand) in the correct position in the fretboard.

Full Fretboard Explained

Fig.5. Information shown by a Full Fretboard Diagram (“C Chord” shown for example).Do Not confuse the Fret Markers with fretted notes.  They are the dots almost every guitar has on its fretboard.

Note that commonly the 7th fret has 1 dot

Fretboard diagram

Fig.6. A Partial Fretboard will be used where a full one is not necessary.
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Chord Diagrams:

C Major:boarder

Fig.7.  The Chord Diagram Conveys the information necessary to fret the chord (“C Chord” shown). 

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Tab guitar compare

Fig.8. Tab is a very easy to understand way to read and write music.
Basically, it is a direct visual representation of WHERE to put your fingers and WHAT strings to pick.
It’s only downfall is it does not tell you WHEN to make changes.
If you are familiar with the song, this Tab information is not necessary
(because you know how the tune goes and can figure out when to make the chord and/or note changes).

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Watch for this Symbol: HAT Trick RevealedIt indicates that a trick is being revealed.

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