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Note: Close this new browser window when finished tuning up to the following video.
Video: “Always Tune your guitar before you begin a practice session or jam session”.

– Variables such as temperature, string stretch and string seating (windings around the tuning post) affect tuning.

“Your guitar will slip out of tune”.

– It is important to have good quality Machine Heads to maintain exact string tension as you play.

Quickly Tune Up using the above Video or use one of the handy tuners below:


<<For Non Standard Tunings such as Open E and Drop D click HERE>>


<<To Learn How to tune by Ear (an essential skill to have) click HERE>>


Tune up to the Video above or use the handy Tuners below.
Important Note: Always loosen the string a little below pitch then tune it Up to pitch. 


Click on the note below and tune to that pitch. The Right Control is Volume the Bottom is Balance.  Start with the Low “E”

 ↓Low “E”↓                                                                                         ↓High “E”↓


Try this one.

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