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Basic Chords

Pick Position when Strumming


The 3 Basic Chords are the foundation of most songs and they may be played in a variety of ways by varying the sequence and degrees of duration within the song.  Two of the most common structures are the 12 Bar Blues and the 8 Bar Blues.

The “12 Bar Blues” Structure is very common in Rock.  In the following example the 3 Basic Chords are used in 2 different arrangements.

12 BAR BLUES CHORD ARRANGEMENT #1:  E – E – E – E – A – A – E – E – B – A – E – E 

12 BAR BLUES CHORD ARRANGEMENT #2:  E – A – E – E – A – A – E – E – B – A – E – B

Try these for yourself and here the difference between the two Chord Arrangements.  Each chord is played for 4 beats.

Video 1. The 12 Bar Blues arrangements shown above.

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Pick Position when Strumming

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