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7th chord

Quiz Answer: The notes of the D7 chord are D-F#-A-C.

B7 Chord

Fig.1. The B7 Chord (B Dominant 7th).
Makes a great substitution for the B Major chord when jammin’

-The B7 Chord is a commonly used chord which is often substituted for the B Major chord because of its unique sound and fuller tone.  Become familiar with it’s sound and practice playing it until forming it feels natural.  You will hear it in many songs.

Video 1. The B7 Chord in a 1-4-5 Chord progression (Key of E).
The bass note is picked at the beginning of each chord.
(Note: The 1-4-5 chord progression is the most common chord progression in all of pop music).

-The B Major chord is a bit of an odd chord because it must be played as a Bar chord.  It can be a little awkward and dull sounding.
-Because the “B Major Chord” cannot be played as an open chord, the B7 makes a nice sounding alternative.  It has a bit of a Jazz sound.

-The following video is a comparison of the “B7 Chord” & the “B Major Chord”.
Note how the B7 Chord sounds fuller and has more tone.
The B Major Chord must be played as either a Bar Chord by using the moveable “A SHAPE” or as a 2 note Power Chord and don’t have the tonal qualities of Open Chords.  Particularly when played acoustically.
The B7 played as an Open Chord rings out with a much fuller and richer sound than the Bar Chord or Power Chord does.

Video 2. A direct comparison of the “B Major Chord” and the “B7 Chord”. 

-The B7 Chord SHAPE is a moveable making it is easy to create any 7th chord by moving its shape up the fretboard.

Video 3. Using the Moveable B7 SHAPE to play a 1-4-5 progression (sliding a 1/2 step up to the chord).
The B7 SHAPE is a very easy shape to slide on the fretboard.

Note: It may be necessary to omit the Pinky note (The 5th note of the scale the chord is derived from).  Try playing the full chord and listen to it’s sound.  If it does not sound right then play only the 3rd, 4th & 5th strings.

The “B7 SHAPE: is an excellent chord to bring resolution to a song (a nice sounding final chord) as demonstrated in the following video.

Video 4. Using the “B7 Chord Shape” moved to the “E7 Chord” position at the 7th fret.
Sliding the B7 Shape up from the 6th fret brings an interesting end to this 1-4-5 Chord Progression.

Video 5. The B7 SHAPE used in a short 1-4-5 progression with some Bends, Slides & Runs added.
Trick (Magic Hat)The A Chord is played by barring the 2nd, 3rd & 4th strings with the Index finger and muting the 1st string.
This “Cheater Chord ” is easier to play.

Video 5. Try playing this 1-4-5 Chord Progression in the key of A using the B7 shape and
the A cheater chord (where the A chord is formed by barring the 2nd fret with the Index finger).
This exercise uses : Slides, bends, string muting & runs to create an interesting Ditty.
It is similar to Video 4. with an added run.

In summary: The B7 Chord is a unique sounding moveable chord which may be used to spice up a song.
Other 7th Chord Shapes may also be used however the B7 Shape is a good one to know as it is easy to slide.

Quiz: Which Chord makes a nice substitution for a B Major chord?

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