GFT Songs:

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-GFT Songs utilizes Visual Learning techniques.
-Fast Track the learning process using condensed “fasttrack exercises”.  Playing the complete song will be a piece of cake.
-By learning the parts of a song you can then exploit the song’s repetitive nature  to play it in its entirety.
-Each song will be played normal speed then slowed down so you can see all the riffs.
-The videos have a zoom function to get in close and see what is being played.
-A “fasttrack” exercise  will help you quickly master the song.
-Use the Backing Tracks to practice with.
-Chord Diagrams and Lyrics are available for each song.
-Remember: you have creative licence when learning to play these songs. You don’t necessarily have to play the lead section of a song for it to sound good.  You can still have fun playing around the campfire while singing along with chords only. -If you have a favourite song you would like to learn which is not in the GFT Songs list then let me know.   Try figure it out on your own. See: How to figure out songs on the guitar. This is an Extremely Valuable skill to possess and a main objective of the GFT program. -Do yourself a huge favour and purchase a clean recording of the song you wish to learn. Only then can you can be assured that the timing is correct and the recording will be clean and accurate.

Cover Song Lessons (Listed Alphabetically)

All songs are the property of the respective authors, artists and labels, and are provided for educational purposes only , If you like the song, please use the link to purchase.   HERE   You will be glad you did!

Check back often as the GFT Song List Is Constantly Updated With New Material.

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