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Save Yourself A Lot Of Pain & A Lot Of $$.  Prepare For Your Motorbike Adventure Ahead Of Time.

  1. Avoid wet patches as they may be spilled oil or transmission fluid (Oil) which will cause you to slip and crash. If you must ride through it go perfectly straight so the tires won’t slip out from under you. Reduce speed when it the road is wet with rainwater. It is Slippery When Wet!
  2. Be very Leary of any changes in the road surface. There is a lot of road construction ongoing in Thailand and the Tar they lay down as a base is very slippery.
  3. Avoid riding over dead leaves as there may be a large Rock, stick or other debris hiding underneath. The wind will blow fallen leaves across the road and they will get caught up on top of the dangerous debris hiding it from site.
  4. Pick you’re Lane and stay there! Each Car Lane is actually three motor bike lanes wide. There is always somebody who will speed up from behind and pass rate next to you. Do not switch lanes without checking your mirror (and shoulder checking) first!
  5. Motor bikes generally travel in the far left lane unless passing or traveling at high speeds (not recommended). As mentioned above is laying is actually three lanes. The left 1/3 is for turning off the main road turning onto the main. The middle portion is for cruising at the speed limit. And the right portion is for passing or traveling at higher speeds. It is common for cars to stop in the left lane blocking more bikes. In this case, to pass, you must carefully move into the next lane and leave enough room in case the Driver of the parked car opens their door.
  6. Always be on the lookout for dogs which will run out onto the road. Most dogs know better and the ones that don’t are usually not around long enough to make more. Darwinian principles kick in.
  7. Attach a viser to your helmet.
  8. Piece of cloth under your helmet protects the back of your neck from sun and keeps your helmet clean
  9. Use a cushion on the seat for comfort if you are cramped on a smaller scooter.
  10. Use a neck pillow to support your helmet on long rides to prevent neck pain.
  11. Be sure and cover your skin when riding in the sunshine to prevent excessive sun exposure.
  12. Use a mask to filter room dust and block the sun.
  13. Wear leather gloves to protect your hands from sun and in case of a spill.
  14. Always wear your helmet. Use a face shield and a visor on your helmet. The face shield will Block bugs Carmel wind and cushion the blow of a birdstrike. The visor will keep the sun out of your eyes.
  15. Be very cautious of the red taxi buses (Songthews) which may suddenly cut in front of you if they are waived down by a customer.
  16. Be very careful of motor bikes who cut in front of you from left to right when they are trying to get to a U-Turn Lane.
  17. Watch for large branches, vines, wire and rope hanging from above.

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