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How to RECORD the Video.

– You can use any Video Recorder (camcorder/ camera/ smart phone) as long as it has a video mode which records audio (sound).

– Generally, the more expensive the camera, the better quality video it will make.  HD Videos look best on Youtube so get a HD Capable Camera.

– A Mic. Input will allow you to improve the sound quality of your video using an external microphone.  It will also allow you you to plug your electric guitar directly into the camera eliminating any background noise however a Mixer/Amplifier will have to be used to do this.

– Wear nice, clean, loose fitting clothing which matches the background colour so as not to distract from the Guitar Playing.

– Choose a Backdrop background which is not too distracting to the viewer.  A solid colour sheet hung on a wall works well as a Backdrop and also improves acoustics by preventing reflections.  It can be hung using adhesive hooks.

– Sit in a comfortable armless chair.

– The most important consideration when making your video is “LIGHTING”.  You should have an even light source which floods the room with light.  A couple of well positioned 4′ Florescent lights placed end to end (preferable in a soft box) and a side light works well.  Spot lighting does not create good results.  Sitting in front of a large window (sliding glass door) will provide good light during daylight hours.

LIGHTING SETUP JPEGFig.1. Proven Lighting Setup for producing a Guitar Video.
The Key Light should be as wide as possible to prevent Bright Spot reflections off the guitar strings.
The Fill Light is used to remove the shadow from the Strumming Arm & illuminate the Fretting Fingers.
Note: Left Hand guitarists should put the Side Light on the opposite side.

– Shoot your video from an angle that allows the viewer to see what your fingers are doing.

– Don’t worry about the length of the video or the number of tries it takes to get it right as your video will be cut down during the editing process.

How to EDIT the Video.

1. Transfer your video from the camera to your computer.

2. Use your video viewing program to edit out the unwanted portion of your video.  This will save time when importing to the video editor.

3. Import your  video to a video editor.  I use Apple’s iMovie (its free).  There are similar editors for PC.

4. Crop and make any desired adjustments to your video in the editor then export it back to your desktop.

iMovie Grab JPEG

Fig.2. Screenshot of Apple’s “iMovie” Video Editor

How to PUBLISH your Video to Youtube.

– Create an account on Youtube.

– Select Import Video and drag the video from your desktop to Youtube’s upload window.

Video 1. How to upload a video to Youtube.

– Once the video has been uploaded, open the video in Youtube and click SHARE.  Copy the location provided and send it to GFT at this address.

– Your Youtube guitar video will be posted on this site.

– Link to Videos HERE

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