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How To Use This Website

Before you begin the GFT course it is important to review how to use the Website.

Video Options

-You may choose between two Viewing Options (Figs.1 & 2 below).
  Each in either NORMAL SPEED or SLOW SPEED.
The Song Lessons include a Guitar with Vocals performance so you may learn the complete song.
A total of 4 options for you to learn from. 

1.Picture in Picture (PIP) Frontal Camera Shots:

-See me play as if sitting in front of me.
-One shot shows my Right hand, the other my Left.
-Excellent clarity.

Fig.1. PIP View still shot.

2. Point Of View (POV) camera angle:
-See my guitar as if you are playing it.
-170 deg. Wide Angle High Definition covers both hands.

Fig.2. POV View still shot.

*Recorded in HD with Studio quality Audio*

Click the blue <VIDEO> for the PIP Front View or the green <VIDEO 2> for the POV View.
Choose the view you prefer.

All the Tricks and Secrets will be revealed.


Con-ven-tion n : A practice or procedure widely observed in a group, especially to facilitate social interaction.

-To get the most from the GFT site you need to understand the Conventions used within it. These are used throughout the music industry.

-Various Symbols and drawing types are used.

-These are the Universal Standard and are commonly used.

-Knowing these is KEY to getting the most The GFT website.

– To familiarize yourself with the Conventions used within click Here .

– If you come across a symbol or diagram you do not understand then click:
About > How to use the GFT site > Conventions
to access the conventions used within this website.  If you are new to guitar you will quickly become familiar with these conventions and if you are an experienced player then you are probably familiar with these conventions.


-To understand this website you need a working vocabulary of the Terms used within it.

-These Terms are all widely used in the music world.

-Knowing them is KEY to Understanding The GFT website.

-To familiarize yourself with the Vocabulary of this website or to look up a definition as you study go to the above Menu and click:
About > How to use the GFT site > Terminology

How To Use This Site

Before each session use the Tuneup button which is found on every page.

-Use the Lessons tab in the main menu to explore the different levels and to determine your starting point.
If you are new to guitar then start at the beginning and work your way through.

4 NAVIGATION Buttons are located at the bottom of each page:

-If you would like more detail about a subject then click the DETAIL> button.

-The BACK> button will take you to the previous page.

-Use the NEXT > button at the bottom of each lesson to progress through the course taking advantage of everything it has to offer.

-Use the FASTTRACK > button located at the bottom of each lesson to jump to the next concept.
This will guide you through the main information within GFT.  Use it to Skip sections you feel you are competent in.


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“NO Misleading hype”

Just a Solid Guitar Course which allows you to progress as fast as You decide.



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