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What You Will Need To Get Started

-The following will help you get set up so you can make the most of this course.

1. Guitar.

2. Pick.

3. Computer with internet connection.

4. Time to practise.

5. Use a comfortable chair.  An office desk chair, with no arms to interfere with your guitar, works well.

Get The Most From GFT

-Work systematically through the Lessons.

-You may select only the most important information in the course to get you playing fast or choose to more detail to get the most from the course.  It’s up to you.

-Use a notebook keep notes.  Writing helps to reinforce the learning process. Also use it to jot down the page when you stop so you will know where to start again.

-Set aside a block of time and make a commitment to study the GFT.

-If there is a FASTTRACK > button at the bottom of the page, use it to skip to the next important topic.
You can always come back and study a topic in depth at a later date.

-You will get the most from GFT if you work through all of the Information Lessons and Video Lessons.

-Thanks and Have Fun!

Insert Picture of Guitar,pick,laptop,notebook and pencil with chair


This is a step by step guide designed to present the information you need to become a
proficient guitarist in the shortest time possible.
If you arrive at a page and are already familiar with the concept
then use the BASTTRACK button to proceed to the next concept.

The FASTTRACK button will be located at the bottom of the page.

“This is truly an innovative guitar instructional website”.



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