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Fig.1. Scroll down to view a list of songs by various Artists.

Fast Track Cover Songs

-To Fast Track the learning process these lesson videos demonstrate the condensed version of the song to show you all the unique riff or chord sequences of the song in as short a time as possible.  Once you can play the shortened version fluently then playing the complete song will be a piece of cake.
-Once you have all the pieces then simply watch the full performance with vocals to see how repetition is used to fit them together to form the entire song.
-Each video will be played normal speed at first.  Next, each section will be played slowly so that I may break it down and show you how to play it.
-The videos have a zoom function so that you can get in close to see what is being played.
-An exercise may be included at the end to help you master the song.
-A link to the acoustic and vocal performance of the song is found in this list.
-Chord Diagrams and Tab are available to help you with each song.

-You have the creative licence when learning to play these songs.  For example: you don’t necessarily have to play the lead section of a song for it to sound good.  You can still have a great time around the campfire using only chords and vocals.

-If you have a favourite song you would like to learn then first obtain a copy from Apple’s iTunes or Microsoft’s Zune and carefully listen to the guitar within the song.  If it is not listed here then make a request and I will create a rendition for you to learn or better yet see if you can figure it out on your own. See: How to figure out songs on the guitar.

-Do yourself a huge favour and purchase a clean recording of the song you wish to learn.
Only then can you can be assured that the timing is correct and the recording will be clean and accurate.

Cover Song Lessons (Listed Alphabetically)

All songs ore the property of the respective authors, artists and labels, and are provided for educational purposes only , If you like the song, please use the link to buy the related CD.   HERE   You will be glad you did!

(Check back often as this List Is Constantly Updated With New Material)
Recently added:The Rain Song

For Cover Songs by Category Click Here

– Copperhead Road:

– Fool ForYour Stockings:

– Get Back:

– Hot Dog:

– I  Know A Little:

– Lazy:

– Over The Hills And Far Away:

– Pride And Joy:

– She Talks To Angels:

– The Rain Song:

– Wish You Were Here:

“The GFT Site promotes the legitimate downloading of all mp3 files”.
As a responsible musician please “Do The Right Thing” by supporting the music industry and
the artists who make it strong.

Use the convenient links for music downloads and be assured of a clean and complete version of the song.

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