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How You Can Help Develop the Guitar Fasttrack

Are you finding the Guitarfasttrack useful?
If you would like to help with the development of the GFT Website then please contribute to ensure that maximum resources are applied to the development of this valuable learning resource.

Here’s how you can contribute:

1.   If you have any ideas for the Site’s ongoing development then please let me know by leaving a suggestion in the suggestion box(LINK)

2.  GFT is a free Site and always will be.   These lessons were developed with my long term goal  of sharing my musical knowledge with everyone.
However, in order to continuously improve the site requires a substantial contribution of time and financial resources on my part.
You can contribute by making your financial contribution through the Secure Donation link located at the bottom of the page (buy me a coffee).

3.   When you make a purchase through the GFT Site a small portion of the sale comes back to GFT to be used for site development.

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