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“First things first.  Bookmark this Website”.

-You will want to easily and conveniently navigate your way back to this website.
The best way is to create a Bookmark in your web browser.
This is done differently from browser to browser but it is usually a + sign which prompts you to
Add A Page to your Book Marks bar.

“Primary Navigation Buttons”:

Primary Navigation Buttons

Fig.1. The Navigation Buttons are located at the bottom of each page.
The Detail & Fasttrack Buttons are Optional.

The Detail Button:
-If you see this button at the bottom of a page, quickly and easily access more detailed information.
-Information (such as a Wikipedia Page) opens in a new window.  Simply close the window when finished to return to the Lessons.

The Back Button:
-Use the Back button at the bottom of the page to navigate to the previous page
-You may also use your Browsers back arrow to navigate to the previous page.

 The Next Button:
-Use the Next Button to advance through the Lessons Step by Step

The Fasttrack Button:
-The Fasttrack Button may be used to view only the essential information with in the course.
This will get you up and playing Fast but you will not develop the understanding required to truly master the Guitar.
You may always come back later and study the full course.
-Use your Browsers back arrow to return to the previous page:

“Additional Navigation”:

-If text is underlined, & turns blue when hovered, it will link you to more information.
-This additional information will open in a new window.
-When finished with the page simply close that window.

 Finding Specific Content:

Fig.3. Additional ways navigate the Site circled in Red.

1The Main Menu: The entire contents of the website is accessible from here.  Click LESSONS to select the various levels.  Once selected Browse the contents of that level in the right column (4).

2. These indicate the content of the previous page and the next page.  You may navigate to the page by clicking on them.

3. Access the different Lesson categories through the drop down menu.

4. When you select a Lesson Category using either 1 or 3 the lessons are shown in order for you to Browse.  Use this to navigate back to where you left off.  Alternately and more convenient and faster you should save the URL before you exit the website.  Here is  Youtube video on how to Bookmark a page on Internet Explorer.

5. After you have viewed a lesson from the side menu (4) it will change color so you will know which lesson you have viewed.

The SEARCH box may be used to help find specific content.

Your Browser Arrows:

Fig.2 Example of a Browsers Back button.

Digging Deeper to Find More Information:

Getting the best information quickly when you need it.  This website is all about getting you pertinent information.

Click on a link to Get More Information. When finished, simply close that window to return to your place in the within the Lessons. is an excellent resource for accurate information and is linked to throughout the course.
Blue coloured & underlined text will open detailed information in a new window.  for example:
Simply close the Wikipedia window when you are done and continue with the course.


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