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“The 1-4-5 Chord Progression, written (I-IV-V) is the most common chord progression in all popular music.
It is a particularly Melodic chord progression“.

Video 1. The I – IV – V Chords played off the Low E String and the A String,  Key of E.

-Most Rock music has its roots in the Blues and is based on the same Basic 3 Chord structure as the Blues.  This I-IV-V Chord structure is also commonly used in Country.

-The I-IV-V Chords are derived from the 7 note Diatonic Scale.  If each note of the scale is given a number (1-7) the corresponding chord can be determined.

For example: The Key of E Major “scale” is comprised or the notes: E-F♯-G♯-A-B-C♯-D♯-E (Major Scale intervels: (W-W-H-W-W-W-H).
Using these notes to represent chords, the I-IV-V Chords are: Major – A Major – B Major.  This works starting with any note/chord.  The same relative chord positions are maintained on the fretboard making it easy to transpose.

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