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Tune Up

A “Non Standard Tuning”, Also Known As “Alternate Tuning”, is a creative Tool which is widely used to exploit the position of the Notes on the Fretboard.  By changing the pitch of the string(s) you open up new fretting possibilities which under Standard Tuning are unattainable.

One or more strings may be retuned to bring the desired notes into reach.

For Example: In “Drop D Tuning” (see below) only 1 string is retuned  (the Low E string is dropped to a D note) to create the Non standard Tuning while in “Open E Tuning” (see below) the 3 strings that would normally be fretted in Standard Tuning need to be retuned to create the desired “Non Standard Tuning” where the E Chord rings out without having to fret any of the strings.  Open chord tunings are commonly used to play Slide Guitar.

Below are 2 of the most common Alternate Tunings.

To tune up, start on the 6th string (left in Tuner below) and work your way across to the 1st string .

-Drop D Tuning:


-Open E Tuning:



Many other alternate Tunings are possible.  For Example: “The Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin uses the Alternate Tuning (D-G-C-G-C-D).


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