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What you need to know before buying your guitar and beginning to play.

Guitar CARE

dry crackFig.1. Dry Cracking caused by lack of humidity.

-Keep your guitar in a case when not using it.
Acoustic Guitars should be stored with a humidifier inside the case. This is particularly important if you live in a dry climate.

-If you must put down your guitar momentarily while playing then use a Guitar Stand to reduce the possibility of it being knocked over and damaged.

-Unplug the Cable from your guitar when not in use.  This will prevent someone tripping over it and also preserve the battery life if it is an Acoustic guitar with a Pickup

-Avoid sudden changes in temperature as the thermal shock may cause the finish to crack.
If your guitar as being outside in the extreme cold, allow it to warm to room temperature before opening the case.

Guitar CrackingFig.2.  Cracking caused by thermal shock.

-Aviod taking your guitar on and airline without a thermally insulated travel case as the temperature extremes at high altitude will cause cracking of the finish.

-Change the Strings one at a time to prevent stressing the Neck of your guitar.

-Wipe down the strings after playing to remove contaminants and extend their life.

-Remove dust with a soft cloth or feather duster.  Guitar cleaners and polishes are available HERE.

-Do not wear exposed belt buckles & zippers which can scratch the finish of your guitar.

buckle rash

Fig.3. “Buckle Rash” on a 1976 Les Paul Custom.

-When carrying your guitar in its case have the lid facing toward your body.  Should it accidentally open your body will block the lid from swinging open and the guitar falling to the ground.

-When carrying your guitar outside its case hold it vertically in front of you as you walk.  This will reduce the possibility of banging it into doorways and furniture.


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