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Expand upon your solid understanding of the fundamentals.

Quiz Answer: The 2nd & 6th scale degrees are the clashing tones of a minor scale.

-The Keys of Am & Em are the most commonly used.

-If the Em Pentatonic notes are All moved up 5 frets so that the 1st note is the “A Note” of the 6th string, the Key is now changed to the “Am Pentatonic scale”.   The notes retain their same relative position (Pattern Shapes) but are now played in a different location on the fretboard.

Ascending the Pentatonic Scale JPEG

Fig.1. Illustrates the repetitiveness of the fretboard and how there are always 2 options where to play the next note. Up the Fretboard OR up the position (Shape).  As the Red Arrows indicate, the 3rd note may be played on the 6th string OR, following the Pentatonic Shape, the 3rd note may be played on the 5th string.  This can be done on every note of the scale.   This versatility is exploited by the guitarist to create different approaches in order to get a certain sound from a riff or to make playing a riff easier.

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