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 How To Successfully Advance Through The Lessons

  1. Tune up before each practice session.
  2. Use the Categories Browser at the right to find your place.
  3. Carefully read through the lesson.
    If you encounter a word you do not understand try hovering your curser over it for 2 seconds.  A definition should appear.
  4. Pay particular attention to information in BOLD print, Red Print or italics and also information within a blue box.
  5. Practice through the video lessons.  The videos may play back at speed 1st then in slow motion 2nd.
    Use the video controls to Zoom in to a video if desired.
    Don’t become discouraged if you can not match the speed of the exercise videos.  This is to be expected at first.  The idea is to develop your speed & coordination to the best of  “your” ability.  Don’t let yourself get hung up on a particular exercise.
    Once you feel you have got the hang of the exercise then move along to the next lesson.  You may always come back to a difficult exercise and practice it later.
  6. Watch for a Quiz Question at the end of the lesson.  If you do not know the answer then review the lesson.
    Answers are at the beginning of the next lesson.

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