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“Hello.  I’m Brent and I teach Guitar”.

Why Did I create this Site?
I’ve designed The GFT site to speed you along your way to becoming a better guitar player.
This website has come about from a desire to share my complete musical knowledge and contribute to the music community.
“This is the website I wish I had access to when I was learning guitar”.

As with most things in life, the results you realize will depend on the time and effort you put into practice and   learning.
Fortunately I have designed the lessons to be straight forward and easy to understand.  This will minimize the time required to progress.  You may walk yourself through step by step at your own pace.
It is laid out logically and I try to keep things as clear and concise as possible.
My goal is for you to Enjoy your Learning & Playing experience with the Guitarfasttrack site and to be playing at an advanced level as soon as possible.

Something interesting happens with most guitar players I’ve known, myself included. We seem to learn in stages. That is to say, we make advances learning the guitar then it seems to level off for a while (plateau).
I have found that sometimes it takes a trigger to restart the process and inspire advancement to the next level.
This site is just that trigger.
If your playing seems like it is beginning to stagnate then work through this site for some fresh insight and new inspiration.
Hint: I have found that going to see a live band, watching my favourite guitarist on you-tube or a great music video also works to inspire me to play.
If you are just starting out, need to rekindle your interest in playing or want to expand as a musician then check out GFT.
It is sure to have something to offer you.

My Style: I enjoy all styles of music.  I began playing my Dad (Merve’s) guitar when I was very young.
Merv has long been an Talented Country music musician and was a big influence when I was young. There was always a guitar kickin‘ around for me to use.
As my interest in guitar developed, I enrolled in Music Lessons at Melodic Music in Calgary, Alberta. I trained in Classical music and theory for three years. This gave me the solid foundation I needed to take my playing in the direction I wanted to take it.
I decided, like most guitarists do that I didn’t want to pursue music reading. I realized that I had a solid music foundation and that I did not want to join an orchestra.  I decided that I did not need further formal training. I had a comprehensive understanding of music theory and wanted to develop my skills and share my love of popular music.
I developed my Luther-ship skills through the years and in 1990 completed a guitar building course at The Alberta Guitar Company. I designed and built my own electric guitar from the ground up using only the highest quality materials. It was a great learning experience and a huge success.

Fig.2. My guitar.  I designed & built this Les Paul/ Strat Hybrid at “The Alberta Guitar Company” in Calgary, Alberta back in 1992.  

Specs: Canadian Maple Body, Mahogany Neck with an Ebony Fretboard.

As a result, I have since modified and repaired many guitars.
My quest for an understanding of music theory remained strong through the years and I took every opportunity to learn whenever possible be it from Books, Videos or fellow Musicians. Frankly I am still learning and always will be as long as I am able.
Guitar is a never-ending learning opportunity.
My experience has taught me that there is always some thing new to be learned from everyone no matter what their skill level.  Everyone has unique insight into playing and something to offer from their own unique personal prospective.
If I hear something new, I keep an open mind, give it a chance, and try to learn from it.
That said, please feel free to share your ideas! Or drop me an email.

I hope you enjoy using this site as much as I enjoyed creating it.


Brent McMartin.

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