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GFT Mission


 “Learn a Wealth of Guitar Tricks & Secrets”

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“Guitarfasttrack is a complete step by step guitar instructional website”.
“Work your way from the Basics through the Advanced level using Innovative instructional methods”.

“Be sure and check out everything GFT has to offer”.

√ Systematically and quickly develop your guitar playing ability.
√ Access valuable information to become a more knowledgable musician.

√ Improve your skills using structured lessons based on Video, Images, Examples and Explanations.

√ Unlock the mystery of the Fretboard to truly understand how to play guitar and improvise at will.

√ Seek inspiration and motivation.

“Whether you are a New Guitarist or a Seasoned Pro.  GFT has something for You!

Thank you, and enjoy a successful learning experience”!


CAUTION: “Always Wear Hearing Protection When Around Loud Sounds”. Hearing damage accumulates over time.

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