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For “I Wanna Play Now” I-IV-V Power Chord Progressions which are Easy to remember & Play CLICK HERE

This simple yet important Pattern will be used time and time again!

The following I-IV-V Open Chord Progression is Easy to play because the Pinky & Ring Fingers remain anchored on the 1st &2nd Strings at the 3rd Fret.

Video 1. First play an “Easy to Play”  Chord Progression by fretting the 3rd Fret of the 1st & 2nd Strings then Create the Chords by repositioning the Index & Middle Fingers.

Note that the Chords being played are G – Cadd2 – Dsus4.

An “Add 2” Chord uses the 1-2-3-5 Notes of the Major Scale to
Construct the Chord (adding the 2nd to the Triad)

A “Sus 4” Chord uses the 1-4-5  Notes of the Major Scale to construct the Chord instead of the
1-3-5 Notes used for the Major Chord (substituting the 4th for the 3rd of the Triad).

FOR MORE ABOUT “add” & “sus” Chords CLICK HERE

Video 2. Play the “Easy To Play” G-Cadd2-Dsus4 Progression using a Strumming Pattern to Liven up the Sound.

Video 3. Now add Transitions to the “Easy To Play” G-Cadd2-Dsus4 Chord Progression.

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