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The Blue Note.

The “Blue Note” is a single note which when added to the Pentatonic scale gives it a distinctive BLUES SOUND.

-With the inclusion of the Blue Note the 5 note Pentatonic Scale becomes the 6 Note “Blues Scale”.

-The Blue Note is located between the 3rd & 4th note of the Pentatonic Scale.

Blue Note

Fig.1. The “BLUE Note” as used in the Am Pentatonic blues Scale.
Location: between the 3rd & 4th notes of the pentatonic scale.

The Blues Spread.

The “Blues Spread” is a very common bending Riff where the note below the Blue Note on the 3rd string is bent up to imply the Blue Note then, while it is held there, the 6th note of the Blues Scale is sounded and the bend is released.

Video 1. The Blues Spread.

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