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The three I-IV-V Chords each have a Relative minor Chord which may be used in Song Construction.

-These three Relative minor Chords are located 3 Frets below the I-IV-V Chords.

Look at one of the chords for Example: If the I Chord is an “A Chord” then its Relative minor Chord is a “F# minor”

Relative minor chord

Fig.1. Illustrated using Bar Chords, the Relative minor chord of the “A Major” chord.

-Each of the Chords from the 1-4-5 (I-IV-V) progression have a relative minor chord which may be used in creating a song.

1-4-5 chords and Relative minor chords JPEG

Fig.2. The dots indicate the chord location of the I-IV-V chords (in green) and their Relative minor chords (in blue).

The Root Chord (I chord) is the A Chord (Key of A).

-To quickly find the variations of the above Bar Chords use the CHORD GENERATOR in the TOOLBOX under EXTRAS in the Main Menu drop-down tabs above.

You now have 6 chords you can use to create an original song in any given Key.  Try experimenting with different chord combinations and hear for yourself how they can be arranged creativly to form a song.

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