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Strumming ChordsPick Position when Strumming

Fig. 1. To skip a beat while Strumming Chords rotate your Pick Hand.  The Pick will be moved away from the strings.

-The most basic Strumming Rhythm is the Down -Up-Down -Up-Down -Up-Down -Up strumming pattern.
This pattern can be made more interesting by skipping a Down-Strum or an Up-Strum.

-The TECHNIQUE is to rotate your Pick Hand wrist Clockwise on the Down-Strum OR Counter Clockwise on the Up-Strum so as to pull the pick back away from the strings.

Video 1. This video demonstrates; Up & Down Strumming, Down Strumming & Up Strumming. (The C-F-G progression is used as an example).

Video 2. Here is a common Chord Strumming Pattern using a (Down – Down – Up – Up – Down – up) strumming sequence.  (The C-F-G progression is used as an example).

Video 3. Add more variety to your strumming by picking at bass note at the beginning of each chord. (The C-F-G progression is used as an example).

Alternating the 2 lowermost notes of a Chord during a Chord Progression.

Video 4. Try Alternating Bass Notes for each chord by first playing the Root note of the Chord then playing the note the next string down.

Video 5. The same alternating Bass Notes are used however a Hammered-On is used on the 2nd note.

Video 6. You may also add a run between chord changes. (The C-F-G progression is used as an example)4

Video 7. In this C-F-G Progression I add a Run to the end of the Chord Progression.  It gives the listener a sense of completion or finality of the progression.

Video 8. The above Techniques are combined using the C-F-G Chord Progression.  You may combine the above techniques as well as many others to create the sound you want.  There are also a multitude of chord progressions you can apply them to.



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Pick Position when Strumming

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