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A “Passing Note”  also called a “Filler Note”
is a note which doesn’t belong with a scale but still sounds good when used.

-Is sounds good because it is used to create a smooth transition between 2 notes of the scale.  Usually it is played as a chromatic step to the next tone and is not prominent in its usage.

Video 1. The 2nd note played is the Passing Note.
First it is played picking every note.  Next is played as Hammer-on.

Try playing this passage without the Passing Note to hear the difference for yourself.

-Passing Notes will add a new dimension to your Lead playing.  It will sound more interesting.

Video 2.  an example of Passing notes used in the Am pentatonic scale.
You may slide Up Or Down to any note in the scale.   Slide Up from the note 1/2 step below OR slide down from the note 1/2 step above.  Play the passing note quickly and don’t dwell on it.  Don’t overuse it.

-If you dwell on passing note it will sound dissonant and it will not fit in.  It is only when you play it quickly in passing that you hear it melodically.

-The most commonly used Passing Note in the minor Pentatonic scale is the “Blues Note”.

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