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“Relative minor scale”: a minor scale that has the same notes as a major one.
-The “G Major” scale has exactly the same notes as the “E minor” scale. This is why soloing in E minor pentatonic works over the “G Chord”.  You may mix E minor pentatonics with G Major pentatonics and also move down 12 frets. Whole lot of notes to use. Just please remember to end your musical phrases on G note, so that they have proper resolve”.
See: the following videos.

The major and minor pentatonic scales are often combined to create lead passages.

A common approach when playing the I -IV-V Chords is to play the Major Pentatonic on the I & V Chords and play the minor Pentatonic on the IV Chord.  The V Chord is also a good place to play them both together.

Video 1. Playing the Minor Pentatonic on the I -IV Chords and play the Major Pentatonic on the V Chord

Video 2. I this Mixed Approach example the I-IV-V chords are used with the Minor pentatonic scale played following the IV & V chords and the Major pentatonic scale played following the I chord.
Note: This is a simplified example of one of the many approaches you can use to combine the Major and Minor Pentatonic scales to create riffs.


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