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Quiz Answer: The Major Scale notes in the Key of C are:  C – D – E – F – G – A – B – C
(Interesting side Note: This is the only Major Scale with no sharps or flats).

It is important to warm up your finger and hand muscle before playing.  Choose an exercise which stretches the muscles, is fun to play and sounds good.

Video exercise 1. This exercise is an excellent warmup exercise.  It uses only one Riff pattern which is shifted from the “E String Position” to the “A String Position”.

Video exercise 2. Here’s the Boogie Warm-up exercise in Slow Motion. 

Video exercise 3. Play the same Boogie but double up the notes picked using Alternate Picking.   This will warmup the Picking Hand.

Video exercise 4. Here’s the same Alternate Picking Warm-up exercise in Slow Motion. 


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