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Quiz Answer:  Quiz: The B7 Chord makes a nice substitution for a B Major chord.

-You may use other Dominant 7th Chord SHAPES to create a fuller sounding Moveable Chord.
When using the C7 SHAPE, 4 strings are strummed instead of the 3 strings of the moveable B7 SHAPE.  The C7 shape is basically a B7 shape with the Pinky added to the 2nd string.



Video 5. Comparing the B7 Shape and the C7 Shape.
The C7 Shape may be used to create a fuller sounding moveable 7th Chord.
Note: If the 5 string B7 Shape sounds good (letting the open B string ring out) then use it.



Video 6. Using the moveable C7 Shape to play a 1-4-5 progression.  In the Key of C.

Note: You may transpose the Dominant 7th Chord SHAPES into any Key as shown above.

The E7 is another moveable Chord SHAPE which may be used as a Bar Chord.

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