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Quiz Answer: The “A” Power Chord  is played on the 7th fret of the “D” String?

“As the Notes of the fretboard repeat, so do the Chords”

-The redundant nature of the fretboard is reflected in the following Power Chord video:

Video 1. Repetitive or duplicate Power Chords (fretboard locations).
Demonstrates the pairs of repeating Power Chords by chromatically (one fret at a time) ascending the fretboard.

Trick (Magic Hat)

Trick: Note the 2 fret gap between repeating chords.
Visualizing this is useful for making quick chord relocations.

-In the same way notes are repetitive, so are chords.  They use the same notes in the same Octave but in a different location on the fretboard.

-In video 1.  I may stop at the 12th fret however the repetition continues up the fretboard until the last fret.

D Power Chords (repeating)

Fig.1. Three locations of the “D” Power Chord.
The “D” Power Chord on the (3rd & 4th) strings repeats at the 5th fret of the (4th & 5th) strings AND
also at the 10th fret of the (5th & 6th) strings.
All Power Chords above the open string “D” Power Chord are repetitive in these 3 relative positions
(until you run out of fretboard).

Exercise 1. Play Smoke On The Water again.
This time change the position of the “A Power Chord” from the “Open A String” to the “5th fret of the 6th string”.

Quiz question: How many positions are there for the “E Power Chord” (of the same Octave)?
“Starting with the 2nd Fret of the 4th String”

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