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Quiz Answer: 3 positions:
Root notes on: 1) the 2nd fret of the 4th string – 2) the  7th fret of the 5th string – 3) the 12th fret of the 6th string.

“The 3 string Power Chords have more depth of sound
than the 2 string Power Chords”

-2 string Power Chords are the easiest to play because they use only 2 strings.

-All Power Chords are comprised of both the 1st & 5th notes of the Scale.
There is an additional 1st note (one Octave higher) conveniently located “one string” below the 5th note on the same fret.
Adding this note will expand the sound of the Power Chord giving it more depth of sound.

2 and 3 string Power Chord

Fig.1.  The 2 string “F Major Power Chord compared to the  3 string “F Major Power Chord.
(The additional F note is added on the 4th string to produce the 3 string Power Chord).

-3 string chords produce a fuller sounding chord than 2 string chords.

-The same relative positions (root notes) and chord names still hold true for both 2 string & 3 string Power Chords.
Simply add the Pinky to grow the Power Chord to 3 strings as follows as in FIg.1. above.

-The 3 String Power Chord is moveable to create the other chords just as the 2 string Power Chord is.

Exercise 1.Play the following 4 (3 note Power Chords) using the same Index, Middle & Ring finger formation.

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