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“Expand your sound even more by adding the Pinky”

Take it up another notch by adding the Pinky to the previous progression.

Exercise video 1.  Build upon the A-D-E Boogie by adding the Pinky to play this 3 finger Boogie.


-An Excellent exercise for building coordination & stamina in the hands and fingers.
-Very popular Rock & Roll Riff.
-Also sounds great on Acoustic Guitar.

Exercise Video 2.  Change the above exercise by playing the E Power chord for the final 3 beats of the 12th Bar.
Notice how this creates a sense of anticipation that the 12 Bars will repeat again (each bar has 4 Beats “Strums”).

Video 3.  The same Chords but with a different Strumming Pattern.

Change it up a bit more:

Exercise Video 4.  More variation is added to the A-D-E Chord rogression by playing the E Chord an Octave higher on the 4th string.

As you can see there are MANY variations of this popular Chord Progression.

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