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Quiz Answer: The easiest Power Chords are played on 2 strings.

“A good sense of Rhythm & the ability to transfer it to the guitar are essential skills”.

Drum Animated

Fig.1. Adding Rhythm is an important component of playing.

-Playing with Rhythm on guitar is similar to playing a drum with a drum stick.

-A good sense of rhythm and being able to convey it to the guitar strings is vital to becoming a successful musician.

-Using the E Power Chord practice the following easy Rhythm:

Video 1. Using the E Power Chord, practice playing this easy Strumming Rhythm.
Note: This easy Rhythm will be used in the easy Blues Progression in the next lesson.

-Playing drums will help develop your rhythm.  This skill will transfer directly over to your guitar playing.


Fig.2. Bongo drums are played by hitting the skins with your fingers.
They are excellent for acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Using the “E Chord” in the following Video Exercise, first Drum the Rhythm on the guitar’s top then Strum it on the strings.

Video 2. This is a good way to practice different Strumming Rhythms.

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