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Quiz Answer: The “G Note” (one Octave higher).

 Let’s take a quick look at what you have learned so far.

-The 6 strings are named for the Open Note they produce using: Every Body Gets Drunk At Easter.

-A Sharp & Flat are the same thing from a different point of view namely below the note or above the note.

(B & E do NOT have Sharps is the same as saying C & F do NOT have Flats).

-The guitar is a 4 finger instrument.

-Starting with the Low E String, the note at the 5th fret is the same as the next string. (except at the 3rd string).

-There are 12 Musical Notes.  These notes form the Chromatic Scale.

-You can play much faster (and efficiently) using Alternate Picking & Leaving your fingers down on the fretboard.

-The same pitch note can be found at several locations on the fretboard.

-The 12 musical notes span 1 Octave.

The Octave begins on any given note and (if ascending) ends on that note at the next highest pitch.

-You can play almost 4 Octaves on the guitar.

-The Major Scale is derived from the Chromatic Scale using the Intervals: W-W-H-W-W-W-H
(where W=Whole Step and H=Half Step).

-The fretboard is unique up to the 12th fret.  Then ALL notes repeat as if the 12th fret were the nut.

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