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Quiz answer: False.
There is no B#. The 1st Fret of the “B String” is the C Note.

Fig.1.Finger Names and Symbols (compressed)

Fig.1.  The guitar is designed to be played using all 4 fingers.

-Using your Pinky to fret a note will seem awkward at first.  This is to be expected.  Only with practice will you build the strength and coordination you will need to have total domination over the fretboard.
Don’t worry if it seems too difficult.  With patience and practice, it will come.

-The following exercise involves using the 4 fingers in their correct formation on the fretboard.
Start with the Open B String, ascend the first 4 frets then move to the Open High E String and ascend the first 4 frets again then descend back down to the Open B String.

-Play as slowly as you need to at first then try to increase your speed.

Video 1. Using downpicking, play 5 notes on each of the B & E Strings first ascending then descending.

Quiz: What is the name & number of the finger beside the Thumb?

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