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The MECHANICS of the Guitar

Fig.1. Two main types of guitar.  Electric and Acoustic.
Their basic function is the same and any song can be played on either one.
The main difference is their sound.

-The guitar’s frets are used to vary the strings length.
The shorter the string the higher the pitch note produced when the string is picked.

-The string pitch is also changed by adjusting the string tension using the Machine Heads.
This is done to bring the guitar into tune.
This “Tuning Up” should be done frequently to maintain accurate tuning and a good sound.

-The Acoustic Guitar uses the large cavity of the body to amplify the sound produced by string vibration.  The sound is then projected from the sound hole.

-The Electric Guitar uses Pickups which sense the string vibration to produce an electrical signal which is sent to an amplifier which drives a speaker.
The electrical signal may be manipulated by the player to produce a wide variety of sounds (effects).

For more detail on How The Sound Is Produced <CLICK HERE> or Click the “Detail” Button below.

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