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Fig.1.  For Tuneup assistance click on this Image (located at the top left of each page) .
It’s Easy & Convenient!
“An improperly tuned guitar spoils the song“. 

Tune Up often.  A number of factors such as temperature, humidity and string stretch will cause your guitar to go out of tune regularly.
All guitars go Out Of Tune.  You must learn how to retune your guitar.

I tune up every time I play and occasionally during a session if my guitar does not sound right to me.

The easiest way to tune up is by using a Guitar Tuner.  There are many good ones available but I particularly like the “Snark” because of its portability, ease of use and design

Fig.2. The SNARK Tuner.

Every Guitarist should also know how to Tune By Ear.
There will come a time when a Tuner is not available and knowing how to tune by ear will be invaluable.

BEGINNERS METHOD (Very Easy with Acceptable results):
-First, you need a reference tone to tuneup One OPEN String.  Preferably get the low E or A note.
A piano, another guitar (or any instrument), a tuning fork, a pitch pipe or even a song which you can get One note from will suffice.
-Second, fret the tuned string at the required tone for the next string (5th fret for all but the 3rd string(4th fret)) then bring the next string into tune.
-Third, use this process to bring all of the strings into tune.

ADVANCED METHOD (Using Harmonics.  Very accurate):
-Again, first you will need a reference tone from an instrument or song.
-The rest is similar to the BEGINNERS METHOD above however Harmonics are used  instead of fretted notes.
See the following instructional video:

Video.1. This Video teaches you how to tune your guitar by ear.
(Recorded in Digital Studio Audio)

-Tuning by ear will help the beginner guitarist discern the different tones and is good practice for developing a musical ear (ear training).

-Note:  It is important to always tune Up.  Lower the tone of the string and tighten it Up into tune (increasing the pitch).  This will prevent binding of the string on the Nut with the string slipping out of tune.


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