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WELCOME to the Beginner Lessons

Fig.1. Begin by building a solid musical foundation. 

Through Practice:
“Develop strength & coordination in your hands & fingers.
Also develop your musical ear & your sense or rhythm”.

Your success involves striking a balance between your “Know-How” and your “Ability”.


Fig.2. The GFT course is geared toward striking a balance between
Musical Understanding (Theory) and Actual Playing (Practise).

This is accomplished through a combination of Theory Lessons and Practice Exercises/Songs.
You will build upon what you have already learned as you advance through this course.

The goal of GFT is to have you playing your favourite songs, creating original songs and improvising at will.

-For an Overview of the Beginner Section click Beginner in the GFT Categories Menu at the right and a listing of the content will appear for you to browse.

-In the beginner section you will study the two main elements of guitar playing:  NOTES and CHORDS.
You will learn: What they are.  Why they are what they are.  And where they are on the fretboard and how they are used.
The goal is for you to have a comprehensive understanding of the Fretboard layout so you can play any note or chord.

You will also learn:
-Picking and Strumming to add more versatility and style to your playing.
-Songs using Chords.  Great for sing alongs or when Jammin’ with friends.
-Reading TAB.  An easy way to read music.  And much more.

 More On Notes And Chords:

-As mentioned the two main components of Guitar playing are:
1.Playing single notes such as in a lead solo, chord transition or a turnaround (more about these later).
2.Playing more than one note at the same time creating a chord.

-Learning only chords is fine if your goal is to only play and sing campfire songs.  However, you will soon find that you want to spice up your playing by expanding your repertoire and ability by playing the notes as well.
This course teaches both notes and chords, covering the full spectrum of guitar so that you will become a well rounded musician with a developed understanding.


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