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Video.1. This Video teaches you how to tune your guitar by ear using Harmonics.
To create the Harmonic, lightly touch the string directly above the desired fret then pick the string and “immediately afterwards” quickly pull your finger off the string.  It may take a little practice but after you get it, it will be the same technique for all the strings.

– In step 5 use the 7th fret of the 5th String to tune the High “e” String rather than the 5th fret of the 6th String because it sounds a little clearer and fuller allowing for a more accurate tuning.  The reason being, the closer the harmonic is located to the middle of the fretboard, the more waveforms (harmonics of the fundamental frequency) it is consists of and  the clearer and fuller it will sound.

-Check the accuracy of 5th Step in the Video by using the 7th Step of the Video.

-Also check by playing the two Open “e” Strings and listening to hear if they are in tune.

It is Interesting to Note: The tuning pattern breaks down at the “b” string (tuned down a half step) simply because – it creates more possibilities for Useable Chords (makes them easier to fret with the left hand).

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