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Use the following 5 videos:

Videos 1 & 2 are 2 different views at normal speed.
Videos 3 & 4 are slowed down so you can clearly see everything that is played.
Video 4 includes instructions.
Video 5 the song is performed with vocals added.  Learn to sing along with your playing.
-Scroll down for Lyrics and chords.
Video 1) Hot Dog – Front View:


Video 2) Hot Dog – POV View:


Video 3) Hot Dog – Slow (Instructional Front View):


Video 4) Hot Dog – Slow (POV View):


Video 5) Hot Dog – Played with Vocals:

Hot Dog – Lyrics

                                                                                                                                                  Click for full screen [print_this]

[G] Well I just got into town today To [C] find my girl who’s gone away

She [G] took the Greyhound at the General [D] Store.

I [G] searched myself I searched the town [C] When I finally did sit down

I [G] find myself no [D] wiser than be[G]-fore.

She [G] said we couldn’t do no wrong No [C] other love could be so strong.

[G] She locked up my heart in her bottom [D] drawer.

Now she [G] took my heart she took my keys [C] From in my old blue dungarees

And I’ll [G] never go to [D] Texas any[G]more.

[Chorus:] [D] Now my baby’s gone I [G] don’t know what to do.

She [D] took my love and walked right out the [G] door.

And [C] if I ever find that girl I [G] know one thing for sure.

I’m [A] gonna give her something like she [D] never had before.

I [G] took her love at seventeen. A [C] little late these days it seems

But [G] they said heaven is well worth waiting [D] for.

I  [G] took her word I took it all Be[C]-neath the sign that said “U-haul”.

[G] She left angels [D] hangin round for [G] more.


I [G] thought I had it all sewn up Our [C] love, a plot, a pick-up truck

But [G] folks said she was after something [D] more.

I [G] never did quite understand [C] All that talk about rockin’ bands

But [G] they just rolled my [D] doll right out the [G] door.

Oh yeah, they just rolled my [D] doll right out the [G] door!


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