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Fig.1. The Fretboard

-The Fretboard is either laminated (glued) to the Neck of the guitar or formed as part of the Neck. -There are fretboards of different widths and radius.

Fig. 2 Radius of a fretboard before fret slots are cut.

-The Radius of the Fretboard will vary from Guitar to Guitar.  Try out different radius fretboards before deciding which guitar to buy.

-Ebony, which is black in colour is a popular wood for use in fretboards. See Fig.2 -The Fretboard is inlaid with Fret Markers to assist the guitarist in navigating the fretboard. Mother Of Pearl (from the inside of Oysters) is a popular material for the inlays which can range from simple dots to intricate patterns or images.  See Fig. 3.

Fig. 3  Fretboard Inlays.

 -Fret Marker Dots are also placed on the edge of the Fretboard to be used as Position markers.  Fig. 4.

Fig. 4  Marker Dots are located on the edge of the Fretboard.

 -Binding may be located on the edge of the Fretboard.  Fig. 1.

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