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Fig.1. Fret Markers

-The Fretboard is inlaid with Fret Markers to assist the guitarist in navigating the fretboard.

-The Double Dot at the 12th fret indicates the beginning of the next Octave and is a good reference point for Lead playing.
For example:  The open “a” string repeats 1 Octave higher.  Starting at “a” on he 12th fret.  The same holds true for all strings.

-Mother Of Pearl (from the inside of Oysters) is a popular material for the inlays which can range from simple dots to
intricate patterns or images.  See Fig. 2.

Fig. 3  Fretboard Inlays.

 -Fret Marker Dots are also placed on the edge of the Fretboard to be used as Position markers.  Fig. 3.


Fig. 3  Marker Dots are located on the edge of the Fretboard.

 -Most Classical guitars do not have position markers because they are all the same in construction with the 12th fret being where the body meets the neck.  The lack of Fret Markers assists in the sound resonating through the guitar’s wood uninterrupted.




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