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Fig.1. The Neck.

-The neck can be one solid piece of wood (as in Fig.1) or it may have the Fretboard glued to it (laminated).

-If the Head stock is angled back then it will be a laminated to the neck as well.

-It is made of from woods such as Maple or Mahogany.

-String tension puts a lot of stress on the neck causing it to flex (bow).
This tension is counteracted with a Truss Rod which is embedded within the neck.
The Truss Rod is a metal rod running the length of the neck and anchored at each end.
With heavier strings, neck will flex (bow) will increase causing the strings to lift higher off the fretboard.
This can be corrected by adjusting the truss rod.
The Truss Rod is threaded and may be tightened or loosened from the Head end or the body (depending on the guitar) to counter string tension and  adjust the neck’s bow.  A small amount of bow is desirable due to a vibrating string’s shape.


Fig. 2.  The Truss Rod sits in a channel inside the Neck

 The Truss Rod has a slight bow such that when it is tightened it flexes the neck one way (countering the String tension) and when loosened relaxes the  neck increasing the String Height. See Fig. 2.

This adjustment may be used to fine tune the action of your guitar or to compensate for a change in string gauge.
*Never remove more than one string at a time as the complete removal of string tension could cause the neck to warp under the truss rod’s tension.

The Neck comes in various widths and thicknesses with varying degrees of curve (radius).  The neck you choose depends on what feels comfortable to your hand.  Generally the Thinner necks facilitate faster playing.  A Wider neck is better for classical or lead playing while a Narrow neck works well for playing chords.

Fig.3. Necks come in different Widths and Thicknesses.

 The Neck is Bolted to the Body of the guitar.

Fig. 4.  Shows how the Neck is attached to an acoustic guitar.

Note: In this example the Truss Rod is adjusted through the sound Hole.

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