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Fig. 1. The Head of the guitar.

-The Guitar’s Head (not to be confused with an “amp head” which is separate amplifier in an amp/speaker setup) is the wooden part, which sits atop the neck,  pictured above.

-It is usually laminated to the neck and may sit at an angle (as in Fig.1.). This angle pulls the strings firmly across the nut producing  a solid endpoint for the strings.

On some Fender style guitars this is accomplished by offsetting the Head (stepping it down) and using metal string guides (string trees) to increase the angle of the top 4 strings (fig.2).

 Fig.2 Fender Head is offset with no lamination (gluing together) required.
The string guides increase the angle of  of the first 4 strings.

-The Machine Heads (Tuners) are almost always mounted on the Head (either all on one side of 3 on one side and 3 on the other).  Some innovative designs have them mounted on the Body of the guitar.

-On some guitars, such as the Fender in fig.2, Truss Rod adjustment (which is used to adjust the Bow in the Neck) is accessed at the Head.
This access may be covered by a small plastic or metal plate which must be removed to make adjustments.

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