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Quiz Answer: Derive Minor Scale from the Major Scale by: “Beginning with the 3rd interval of the Major Scale”
OR “Flattening the 3rd, 6th & 7th Scale Degrees of the Major Scale”.

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The Two Primary sounds in Music are the “Major” sound and the “Minor” sound.

A Major Chord is constructed from 3 of the 7 notes of the Diatonic (Do – Re – Me…) scale.
The specific notes are always the 1st, 3rd & 5th notes (specifically the “Do, Me & So”)

For Example: The notes of the C Major scale in order are: C – D – E – F – G – A – B

Therefore the C Major chord notes are:         C (1st) –  E (3rd)  – G (5th)

        Fig. 1. The notes of the C Major chord starting from the 1st string are: e – c – g – e – c.

A Minor chord is constructed just as easily.
Similarly use the same 3 notes as the Major chord but flatten the 3rd note a half step (lower it a semitone or “1 fret”).

This has the effect of producing the “sad” sound of the minor chord.

Example:  The notes used to construct a C minor (Cm) chord are:  C (1st) –  Eb (3rd)  – G (5th)

(flatten the  E  one semitone)

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Major Minor Circle

The difference between the Major & Minor Chord can be seen when drawn in a Chromatic Circle.
Simply rotate the triangle within the circle to determine the notes of the Chord.

-The common open minor chords are: Am, Dm & Em:


 Fig.2. The common Open Minor chords.

– The Am and Em shapes can be slid up the fretboard as Bar chords to produce the any of the desired minor chords:

Using Am as an example: Am – A#m – Bm – Cm – C3m – Dm – D#m – Em – Fm – F#m – Gm – G#m

– The Dm shape can be moved up & down the fretboard as a triad producing a unique set of minor triad chords:

Video 1. You can move the SHAPE of the D minor Chord up & down the fretboard to create various minor chords.
The Chord names follow the Chromatic Scale progression as you move from fret to fret.
Note: Since these chords are comprised of 3 notes they are called “Triads”.

Quiz: What are the two Primary sounds in Music?

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Video 2. Here’s a simple little Ditty (a short and simple song) using the moveable Dm Shaped Triad and a G Triad using the “D SHAPE”



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