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 – If you are new to guitar, this is where to start

The Basics Menu

Fig.1. The content of each Level is displayed in the “Browse Basics” Menu at the Right.

To take the Course “Step by Step” use the “NEXT” Button at the bottom of each page.

Change the menu by selecting from the “GFT CATEGORIES” menu above the “Browse Basics” Menu to the right.


“The ABC’s of guitar”.

Fig.2. There are a few things you “Must Know” before you begin playing your guitar.

It is important to >>Tune Up<< your guitar every time before you play.  Even a $5000 guitar will sound terrible if it is not in tune.

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and to preview the music Lingo you’ll need to know.

Click NEXT (below) to advance through the Basic Lessons where you will learn learn the essentials of:

  • Purchasing a Guitar.  (Finding one that’s easy to play and stays in tune).
  • Holding your Guitar.
  • Tuning your guitar.  (All guitars slip Out Of Tune and must be retuned often).
  • Changing Guitar Strings.
  • And Much Much More!!

To view the course outline browse the “GFT CATEGORIES” Menu at the right.


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