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The Rhythm of your Pick Hand is what makes your music come alive.  

It is as important (some times more important) as the Fretting Hand in expressing a musical idea. Your Pick Hand is where the feeling and the Grove of the song originate.

Video 1.  This basic Rock Riff is first played without variety in the rhythm and sounds bland.
When some variation is applied to the Rhythm it Livens It Up.

in 4/4 time where a Bar has 4 Beats:

– A Whole Note lasts for 4 beats  (1 whole note/bar).
– A Half Note lasts for 2 beats (2 half notes/bar).
– A Quarter Note lasts for 1 beat (4 quarter notes/bar).
– An eighth Note 1/2 of a beat (8 eighth notes/bar).
– A Sixteenth Note gets 1/4 of a beat (16 – 16th notes/bar).
– A 32nd Note gets 1/8 of a beat (32 – 32nd notes/bar).

These are note timings that a Drummer is very familiar with.  In fact changing up Rhythm on a guitar is much like changing a drum beat.
In the following exercise use your Pick Hand to drum out a beat on the top of your guitar then transfer this beat to the strings as you strum them (notice how my arm keeps time and when I actually make contact with (strum) the strings on the downstroke or Upstroke produces the Rhythm):

Video 2. First Drum the Rhythm on your guitar then Strum the Rhythm.

Video 3. Here’s 2 more progressively difficult Strumming Rhythm Exercises for you to try

Use this interactive  Rhythm Trainer to help you develop your sense of rhythm.

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