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-As the name implies the “A” Triad is simply 3 notes of the “A” Chord.
With the Open “A” Chord the Triad is played on the 3rd, 4th & 5th strings. Fig.1

-Following are some useful riffs you can play while fretting the “A” Triad.

1. You can play a classic Rock and Roll Riff using the Ring and Pinky fingers of you Left Hand.
This involves fretting both the 3rd & 4th strings when using the Ring finger. <VIDEO>  <VIDEO 2>




2. You can play a bending “c” or “g” notes Riff using your Ring finger.  <VIDEO>  <VIDEO 2>




3. You can play a rolling Riff by strumming different sets of 2 strings on the “A” Chord while adding your Ring finger.

Video 4. Play a Hammer-On riff in the Key of “A”.  Play the “A Chord” then play the C note (with the Middle finger) follower by Hammering On the C# note (with the Ring finger).  This same riff is then played on the remaining D & E Chords.

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