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-Muting is a technique used to produce a muffled sound of the muted string(s).  It adds variety in your playing and is another element you can put in your creative toolbox.

-Muting can be achieved with either the Pick Hand or the Fretting Hand.

-Following are video examples of muting techniques:


Video 1. Example of Palm Muting Notes & Chords

-The Palm of the picking hand is rested on the strings as they are played.
-Increase or decrease the intensity of the Muting by muting further from or nearer the Bridge of the guitar


Video 2. Muting with Pinch Harmonics

Video 3. A simple Riff using Pinch Harmonics.

How To Play A Pinch Harmonic: The Pick is held a little tighter and a little less is exposed then normally.  Immediately after picking you quickly & lightly touch the vibrating string with the end of your Thumb.  This gently mutes the string and creates the whistling squeal which is characteristic of the Pinch Harmonic.  Try moving your pick hand to find the best place along the string to create the Pinch Harmonic.
The Pinch Harmonic sounds clearest when played on an Electric Guitar with Distortion Effect added.


Video 4. Fret Hand Muting of Chords

This style of Muting ends the sound of the chord abruptly.

Video 5. Muting the “Low E” with your Thumb

-This may be used to prevent accidentally strumming the Low E String when playing Chords such as the A Chord & A shaped Bar Chords.

Video 6. Full Fret Hand Muting.

-6 String Muting has a percussive rather than melodic effect.

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