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A Power Chord

Fig.1. The “A” Power Chord

-The “A” Power Chord is simply 2 notes of the “A” Chord being played together.
The Most Common (and easiest) “A Power Chord” is played on the 4th & 5th strings (see Fig.1).

-There are some very popular Riffs you can play while fretting the “A Power Chord”. These Riffs are widely used. When played on an Electric Guitar with some Distortion the effect is very dramatic.

These Riffs easily transpose to the “E Power Chord” by shifting them up to the 5th & 6th Strings AND to the “D Power Chord” by shifting them down to the 3rd & 4th Strings.

The following series of Videos will demonstrate these common “A Power Chord” Riffs.   Work through them to develop some essential chops:

Video 1. In this easy Riff simply strum the 4th & 5th Strings then hammer on the “E” Note of the “A Power Chord”.

Video 2.  In this Riff, fret the 1st fret of the 4th string, strum the 4th & 5th strings then slide the fretted note up 1 fret to form the “A Power Chord”.

Video 3. You can play a classic Rock and Roll Riff simply by adding and removing your Ring Finger to the “A Power Chord”.

Video 4.  Adding the Ring Finger then the Pinky creates another Classic “A Power Chord” Riff.

Video 5.  Add the 7th fret note moving up the 4th String.  Note that as you are ascending the 4th string, you are following the Diatonic Scale. Some variation is introduced so the “A Power Chord” sounds more melodic.

Video 6.  You can extend the previous “A Power Chord” Riff by using all the notes of the Pentatonic scale found on the 4th string.

Video 7.  “A Power Chord”. (Bending the C Note).

Video 8.  “A Power Chord” .(Pull Off the C Note).

Video 9.  “A Power Chord”. (Bending the G Note).

Video 10.  “A Power Chord”. (Bend the G Note then Pull Off).

Video 11.  “A Power Chord”.  Pull Off the “C” & “G” Notes.

Quiz Question: What other Power Chords do these “A Power Chord” Riffs easily transpose to?

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