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C Major Bar Chord-no label

Fig.1. An Image of a “C Bar Chord”.

-Use this simple tool to change Chord Position E string or the A string. Easily play the same chord on either string.

-Simply remember to leave 2 frets of space (Meaning 2 frets where No fingers are placed) when moving up from the A string chord or down from the E string chord. (see figs.2 & 3)

-Video Explanation

5th Chord Transposing Tool JPEG

Fig.2. Simply Remember the “2 FRETS SPACE GAP” to switch back and forth between 5th & 6th string chords.  This Transposing Tool also works for Bar Chords, Triads & 2 string Power Chords. 

-Try switching between the two chords thinking of only the 2 space span then try other chords. This is handy to use when creating lead work for different positions and a smooth transition back to the root chord.

-Use for 2 string Power Chords, Triads, and Bar Chords.

-Also used for Transposing Lead Guitar Licks but breaks down at the 2nd string.

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