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“The 12th fret is where everything repeats (1 octave higher)”

Fig.1. The 12th Fret is Very signifigant.

-The 12th fret is marked by a double dot on most guitar fretboards.

-The fretboard repeats itself, one octave higher, at the 12th fret. It’s as if the first 12 notes of a string were copied and pasted. This repetition makes understanding the fretboard layout much simpler.  Everything transposes directly.

12th fret C chord octave
Fig.2. You can put a Capo on the 12th fret and play your guitar as if it were a half sized guitar tuned 1 Octave higher.  The notes & Chord Shape are the same.

Quiz: What note is at the 12th fret of the Open G String?

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